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Roofing Repairs for Flat Roofs and Pitch Roofs

If you think you need roofing repairs in Dublin, why not call TC Roofers for a free no obligation estimate with no repair job too large or too small.

We provide a low cost roofing service for fixing leaks on flat roofs, slate roofs, garage and shed roofs.

Along with fixing roof leaks, our contractors also fix loose flashing on chimneys, replace loose roof tiles and carry out flat roof repairs.

The first sign you might notice with a roofing problem is when you see a damp spot in your ceiling below the attic area. This means you might have a hole in your roof that needs fixing or you need someone to investigate the leak to see if its coming in from the outside.

Our contractors carry out repair work on pitch roofs, flat roofs, dry verges, wet verges, ridge tiles, slate tiles, felt roofs, ceilings, roof valleys, loose roof tiles and damaged chimney flashings.

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Our Roofers During A Roof Repair Service
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We Fix Roof Leaks and Loose Roof Tiles

Our skilled roofers in Dublin work with all types of products for roofs. We can fix and repair dormer roofs which includes Velux windows, dormer and skylight windows. On flat roofs, our roofers work with fibreglass roofs, felt roofs, flat roof extensions, metal roof and corrugated roofs.

Here are some of the common types of affordable repair work our roofers undertake in the Dublin region…

On normal pitched roofs, we can replace and repair any type of damaged tile on your roof including slate tiles and ridge tiles. In the attic area, we can insert new vent tiles and fix blocked vents in your attic which can lead to condensation and mould developing inside your roof.

The first sign where people generally realise they have a problem is when they notice water leaking into their home. This sometimes is just a small leak which just requires a simple repair to patch the leak however other times its because a loose or missing tile in your roof which has led to damaged felt underlay.

The underlay now has a hole in it which needs to be fixed. We generally will just take up a small section of the roof to cut out the damaged underlay, insert a new felt underlay and place back down the roof tiles unless they are broken. If you have broken roof tiles, we will replace them with a similar styled tile.

Not only do our roofers carry out repairs, our roof tilers can carry out a lift and relay on you roof as well. They can remove the old tiles, carry out any remedial work required to the underlay and latts and put down a new roof tile on top of the roof for you.

With Velux windows and dormer windows, the most common type of repair needed is on the flashing or sealant around the frame. Both of these types of repairs are very affordable and can be carried out in less than 1 hour.

Sometimes the framework outside the window is damaged or the original installer never fitted the framework correctly around the dormer window, in this case, we would have to strip back the framework and reset it to ensure the dormer window in your roof is now sitting tightly.

Along with building new roofs, we are also certified at installing new skylight and Velux windows in homes. Its amazing what a difference an extra window can make to the interior look of a room!

On the gable end of your roof, the biggest problem is generally your apex or verges. With wet verges, the cement might be cracked and dislodged from birds who have entered your attic. We can remove the birds, patch the area and re-cement the verge.

With verges however, we recommend moving on from wet verges to getting a dry verge which is done with uPVC. It does not require maintenance, birds cannot peck inside and they come with a 20 Year+ warranty!

On the peak of your roof are the ridge tiles and your chimney. Ridge tiles are set in cement and create a protective cover over the overlapping tiles. They need to be kept watertight and locked in place to prevent any water ingress into the roof coverings.

Our most common type of work on ridge tiles is normally just ensuring they are sitting back on tight but we generally now use a resin bound solution instead of cement as it provides a better long term grip.

On some styles of roofs, you will have hip tiles coming off the ridge tiles on the apex of a roof. These like ridge tiles are generally sat in cement and need to be kept locked in place to prevent water from entering. If you do notice a hip tile has came loose on your roof its a low cost and affordable repair if it is carried out fast.

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Around the chimney, repointing and replacing damaged lead flashings is the biggest type of repair we generally have to handle on the chimney. We find most of our chimney work that we complete for customers is generally some light maintenance and re-pointing caused by heat damage off the chimney smoke.

Less common, we might rebuild a knocked chimney including inserting a new flue if it has been dislodged or broken or putting in new chimney liners. This type of work will take around a day in comparison to maintenance work which generally is just a couple of hours.

The final most common kind of repairs we do on roofs are roofing valleys. They fall commonly into 2 types, one is done using lead flashing and the other cement / slate which is thatched and crossed over to create a valley for the water to run down.

With a standard valley, our most common repair is to fix the lead flashing which might have came loose or cracked. We will either fix it or replace the flashing and reseal the sides of the valley using a waterproof sealant. Low cost but very effective solution for your roof guaranteed to solve the roof leak.

Most types of repairs to your roof are easily handled and fixed immediately, from storm damage to just heavy rain damage, we can be on hand and get it fixed. We offer the best prices in Dublin.

Our roofing company in Dublin provides roofing maintenance services throughout the region too. This includes spot checking roofs, catching any early water leaks or broken tiles before they become a problem.

Roof Repair Review

We needed a roof repair in Dublin. We called TC Roofers Dublin. Were out within the hour, gave a quick assessment, showed us what was involved in repairing the roofing and carried it out right away. Very pleased with their attitude and great to see they were local lads who actually grew up a few doors down from us. Would happily recommend them for anyone looking for genuine hardworking roofing contractors in Dublin.

Helen Carey - Dublin

Fast, Professional Service

We were looking to repair our roof in Dublin and a neighbour recommended TC Roofers Dublin. We called out Top Choice and within 2 hours they had came out to our property. They assessed the roof repair, gave us a quick quote which we found very reasonable and carried out the roofing repair immediately. Were professional, fast and most importantly, fixed the leak which was dripping through the felt roof into our porch.

Catherine Cooke - Dundrum, Co. Dublin

Prompt, Fast and Good Price

Very prompt service John called and did the job without delay, Very pleasant great workers and good price. Very pleased with job would highly recommend Top Choice Roofing.

Vincent Kelly - Finglas

Our roofers would all over North Dublin,  South Dublin and Dublin City with areas including Ballymun, Artane, Blanchardstown, Rathmines, Ballsbridge, Finglas, Dundrum, Dalkey, Clondalkin, Ballyfermot, Lucan, Drumcondra, Howth, Knocklyon, Cabinteely, Palmerstown, Rathcoole, Clontarf and all the surrounding towns for roof repairs Dublin, flat roofs, loose or damaged ridge tiles and more.

Call TC Roofers today for help with roofing repairs in Dublin and avail of our fast no call out fee response time of less than 1 hour on emergency repairs, which we achieved during the last storm in Dublin, for times when you need us the most.

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