Types Of Underlay For Roofs

Roofing Underlay Being installed

At the point when the rafters and the edge of the rooftop have been fitted or, on the off chance that you are just supplanting the tiles or slates, when they and the board underneath have been removed, the following … See More

Replacing Damaged Membrane on Roof

Damaged membrane on roof

Replacing a damaged membrane on a roof in Dublin. Removed the roof tiles in the damaged area. Carefully stacked them off to one side. Replaced the rotten lats which are used to hold the roof tiles in place.

Cut away … See More

Slate Roofing Information

Slate Roofs Dublin

Looking to add a new slate roof, replace or repair your slate tiles in Dublin?

Slate Roofs DublinSlate is one of the most effective, durable and outstanding options for your roof that is often overlooked because customers are unfamiliar with its value … See More

Roof Bargeboards

We often get asked about bargeboards in Dublin. Here is a simple breakdown of what bargeboards are and what can be done about changing them at your home in Dublin. If you would like to discuss it more, need more … See More

External Cladding

Your external cladding does not have be bland and boring. Modern methods have dramatically updated the look of cladding to make it something that is not only practical and functional to have, but will also add some style to the … See More

Installing Fascia and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are essential to any effective roofing system, which is why their correct installation is paramount both to the effectiveness and efficiency of your roof, but also its safety. The right roofing repairs and improvements can last years, … See More

Common Questions Over Your Roofing

FAQ Questions Over Roofing


For most people, replacing a roof is a completely new experience. The whole procedure of finding a contractor, planning permission and renovating a roof can be a complicated task for anyone in Dublin.

To help you … See More