New Rafter on Apex, New Underlay, Soffits and Fascia in Palmerstown, Dublin

  • Completed Work
  • New Rafter on Apex, New Underlay, Soffits and Fascia in Palmerstown, Dublin

We installed a new rafter on the apex and installed a new strip of underlay on the roof in Palmerstown, Dublin. Damaged underlay was causing a leak to occur and luckily the owners spotted it before it could become too serious.

We inspected the leak and found torn / rotten underlay as the cause of it. We removed the roof tiles in the damaged area and cut out all the damaged underlay section. We installed a new high performance underlay in the section and relaid the old tiles back down over the roof. Good as new within 4 hours!

We installed new gutters, fascia and soffits on the apex after we had carried out all the required repairs to the area. The colours were chosen to match in with the existing house and were a high quality uPVC.

At the same time the owners asked us to go along the entire ridge tiles and re-bed the ridge tiles and re-point them. We completed this task within 2 hours and the owners now have peace of mind knowing their roof is water tight for all that Irish rain incoming over the winter months.



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