Roof Problems To Keep An Eye Out For

Roof tiling makes up the majority of roofs across Dublin, however, as like lots of other roofing materials, they do have their own fair share of problems. Always be aware of problems with your roof tiles early in order to avoid bigger problems and extensive costs further down the line, so to help you out with this, we at TC Roofers Dublin have detailed some of the potential roof tiling problems you should always be on the lookout for. If you are unsure, give our Dublin roof repair experts a call today.

1. Roof tiles are made from porous materials which are renowned for absorbing water and falling foul of weathering. As the tiles can hold onto water, there is always the potential for this to get to a point where the additional weight begins to put a strain on the framework.

2. Algae and moss are big problems with tiled roofs as they build up because they soak up moisture meaning the tile is being weighed down, whilst also having the potential to push up tiles and expose the underlay membrane underneath as it grows. Moss attracts birds which feed off it and can damage the tiles in the process by pecking and pulling at the tiling.

3. Chipped, Broke or Cracked tiles can also occur after water or snow on the roof freezes and expands. These tiles are at a greater risk of slipping off the roof, which will leave the underlay membrane exposed to the elements.

4. Any form of underlay that is exposed can quickly begin to perish as it remains open to the elements for a significant period of time.

5. Once felt has perished, rainwater will then reach the flat boards underneath which is only made of chipboard, so will easily absorb the water and lose its structural integrity.

6. As a direct result of the deterioration of the flat board, wet and dry rot are more likely to arise which can result in severe problems, such as the sagging of your roof.

7. Rain gets swept around in the wind, making it more likely to penetrate into gaps which can then lead to damp patches appearing inside your loft space and even on the ceilings of upstairs rooms.

To have your roof looked at by the professionals at TC Roofers Dublin, contact our team who will be happy to to lend their assistance.