Most Common Leak Causes on Roofs

Finding out you have a leak in your roof and trying to figure out how it happened can be quite difficult as you may not be able to determine the cause of the problem yourself and will subsequently worry about what the cost of roofing repair work might be. One of the most common problems associated with roofing are leaks, so we at TC Roofers Dublin thought we would highlight some of the most common issues for a leaking roof so the next time it happens to you, you can determine the root cause of the problem yourself ahead of calling upon a Dublin roofing repair expert like TC Roofers Dublin.

Roof Underlay

Roof tiling regardless if its slate or composite is designed to keep out any rain, there is always a risk that strong winds can push rain through any gaps or underneath the tiles on your roof. The underlay is then designed to carry this water away to the guttering however over a period of time, and with continued exposure to the rain, the underlay can begin to rot, not function effectively and finally fail, leading to a roof leak.

Loose, Damaged or Slipped Tiling

Slipped tiles or slates will be very easy to notice and can result in larger amounts of rainwater hitting the underlay and putting it under increased pressure. If pools of water then build up in the area where a tile or slate has slipped, a leak into the inside of the roof is increasingly likely to happen.

Damaged Roofing Valleys

A particularly common cause of a leak is through the incorrect installation or damage to the lead flashing at valleys on the roof. Even the slightest damage can escalate rapidly when a large amount of water is directed to this area and will ultimately result in a leak.


Whilst not a direct cause of damage to your roof, a poorly ventilated roof space can lead to condensation forming on the underside of the underlay or tiles. This can eventually lead to droplets of water leaking through your ceiling, giving the appearance of a leaking roof.

Now that you are aware of five of the most common causes of a leaking roof, you should be in a better position to evaluate the problem in your home the next time one arises.