Using A Ladder to Inspect Your Roof

Although we do not recommend it in general, climbing up to your roof or getting yourself in a position to inspect the roof, can help to spot problems early on.

Here are some tips to place and operate the ladder safely on your driveway or patio area.

Before you go near your ladder, you need to dress the part. Choose a pair of shoes with a strong grip on the soles to prevent slipping. Weather is also a factor. Save your ladder climbing for a dry day without high winds. Clean off leaves or other debris from the roof to reduce the risk of slipping.

We recommend using a hard surface to place the ladder before using it. A good area is the side of a driveway or patio area which is firm and not sloped.

For example, this patio area is fine for placing a ladder. Its dry, cleaned off, no debris and has a textured finish. (Thanks to Co-Operative Contractors – Paving Contractors in Basildon for use of the paving picture)

Extension Ladder Setup

Choose the flattest spot possible to keep your ladder stable. You want a spot that’s dry and firm to keep the ladder from sinking or slipping. You can use sheets of plywood to create a level, stable base. Avoid any power lines, doors or other potential obstacles.

To set up the ladder, start with the base against the house with the ladder on the ground. You’ll start at the far end away from the house, lifting and raising the ladder by moving your hands rung over rung until it’s against the house. If you have a telescoping extension ladder, wait until you raise it to extend the ladder to the correct height. You want the ladder to be at least 3 feet higher than your roof line.

Ladder Climbing Safety

Ask a helper to hold the ladder while you climb. You should always face the ladder, holding onto the rungs while you climb. Always keep three points of contact on the ladder: Either both hands and one foot or both feet and one hand. The first time you climb the ladder, secure it with a rope or cord to an anchor point on the roof. This can help to reduce slipping.

Inspecting the Roof

At this stage, you should be able to throw an eye over the roof, you can choose to climb up onto the roof but we do not recommend it due to the dangers involved in it. Have a look for any damp spots, water leaks, loose or tiles that are sticking up from the roof. If you do notice anything, you might need a roof repair.

You can learn about our roof repair services for Dublin here.