Roofing Estimates : Checklist


Just like with any other home improvement project, you should get multiple quotes so that you can compare the service and pricing they offer in order to choose who to hire. Your process should involve the following three steps:

Know What You Want – Make sure when you are comparing multiple quotations to make a checklist of everything you require with your roof, present the checklist to each contractor, and have them submit written quotations to match it.
Get Multiple Quotes – Meet with reputable roof contractors in your area and ask for written quotes based on your checklist. Getting multiple roofing quotes is critical – only when facing with comparable choices, you will know who’s the best fit for the job and what the project is going to involve. The appointment will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and will give you a chance to meet your prospective roofer face to face.
Get The Most Suitable – Once you have a few written quotes from all of the roofing companies you’ve contacted, it’s time to compare them and the packages they offer. Finding the right Dublin roofing repair expert for the job is key – contractors vary in skill, experience and track record.

Roofing Quotations

Quotations act as a roadmap to the final contract so it’s important you have written documentation you can evaluate before making any final decisions. In order to read the estimates properly, however, you need to be able to understand what they are all about.

All quality roofing estimates should include:

Time frame – Estimated project duration.
Materials – Detailed description of work, including roofing materials, flashing locations, type of sealant used to weatherproof flashing and nail holes, underlay type, etc.
Cost – Total project cost and payment schedule:

  • building material costs (roofing material, fasteners, flashing)
  • labor costs, broken down by man hours or listed as a project bid
  • additional expenses, such as sheathing repairs, tear-out of old shingles, etc.
  • preferred payment method and when the funds are due

Guarantees – How will any issues that may come up after project completion be dealt with? What is the contractor’s guarantee?
Warranty – When obtaining a roofing estimate, inquire about the types and lengths of warranties or guarantees for materials and workmanship. These warranties should be detailed in writing within your final contract.
Liability – Liability insurance information is another important information you should request. Reputable roofing companies should supply general liability insurance while on the job, and should provide all employees and site managers with worker’s compensation coverage.
Cleanup – What are the cleanup expectations? Who will be responsible for interior and exterior cleanup? Is the cost of hauling old materials away included in the replacement estimate? What about recycling cost?


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