Roof Bargeboards

We often get asked about bargeboards in Dublin. Here is a simple breakdown of what bargeboards are and what can be done about changing them at your home in Dublin. If you would like to discuss it more, need more information or would like a free estimate, call TC Roofers Dublin in Dublin today.

What is a bargeboard?

Bargeboards refer to the fascias located at the gable end or side of a roof. They are used to protect the underlying roof timbers on your house, bargeboards can also have a significant impact on the general outlook of the exterior of your home.

Types of different bargeboard

Bargeboards can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Plastic
  • uPVC

Bargeboards are available in a variety of colours, with a range of finishing options, so can make a great addition to any property no matter what style it is. You can choose to have it match your guttering, fascia and soffit colours.

Can you replace bargeboards?

Yes, we can replace bargeboards if they are damaged or look old and worn on the side of your home. However, the tiles that are cemented in place and attached to the bargeboard may also need to be replaced before fitting your new bargeboard – this entirely depends on the condition of the fascia and the roof timber underneath.


A major functional benefit of bargeboards is that they will keep your roof lining dry and free of any gaps or holes around the edges of your roofing. The main benefit of adding bargeboards to your property is for aesthetic purposes, however, adding a great look and character to the roof line of the property.

Bargeboards are a particularly popular look on Victorian and Edwardian-era properties, however the designs have evolved over the years into some beautifully charming styles suitable for a wide range of buildings.

At TC Roofers Dublin, we provide an expert roofing and roof cladding service for domestic properties of all sizes. We use the proper equipment and only the finest materials, enabling us to ensure our clients receive the best possible service and finish for their needs.

For more information, feel free to contact our friendly team today. We’ll be more than happy to provide any further advice on how to repair or replace your bargeboard in Dublin.