Replacing Your Roof in Dublin

Let Top Choice take the stress out of replacing your roof in Dublin. We are experts at replacing roofs and carrying out roof renovations in Dublin. We provide a range of roof replacement options that includes slate tiling, standard manufactured tiling and ceramic roof tile replacements. All our work is installed to the highest standards with over 30 years experience of carrying out high quality roofing replacements.

We provide free quotations, where we can go through the options available to you and give you a written quotation on how we would replace, renovate or install a new roof for you.

We provide options on all types of roofing systems including flat roofs, tile roofs using a variety of quality roof materials. We cater for standard Roofing Repairs in Dublin including all types of pitch and flat roof repairs as well. All the team at TC Roofers Dublin are highly skilled and fully trained roof renovation experts.

On standard roof replacements, we will assess the entire structure to ensure that the new roof tiles and underlay can be successfully installed on your roof. If the structure is damaged or in disrepair, we will provide you with a detailed quote on how we would replace or repair the structure to a high quality roofing standard.

Your roof is a main feature of your new home, accounting for 30 per cent of the exterior visible area of your home. Its covering therefore needs careful consideration at the planning stage. Factors dictating the roof covering include the style of your house, your architect and even your local planners. We can help you with all of this. Simply give us a call and we can go through the options available on replacing your roof.