Metal Roofing


Many people ask about metal roofing in Dublin. We provide a range of metal roofing options for flat roofing in Dublin. They come available in multiple colours and are powder coated to ensure a long lasting and durable metal finish. Here are some details on the benefits and types of metal roofing available.

Metal Roofing: Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel and Lead

Metal roofing is growing ever more popular in the world of construction, with its properties offering a wealth of benefits such as:

  • Long-lasting performance
  • A variety of styles and choice to suit any style or period of home
  • Great weather resistance
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low in weight, improving the structural integrity of your build
  • Improve a property’s aesthetics and value

Metal Roof lines: Soffits and Fascias, Cladding and Guttering Systems

Metal is also a great choice of material for roof lines, for the following reasons:

  • Resistant to water and other elements so will not rot and create structural issues
  • Improved energy efficiency for your property
  • Improve a property’s aesthetics and value
  • Available in a variety of styles and colours


If you would like a free quote today on installing a metal roof or you need roof repairs in Dublin or to talk to us about fixing your metal roof, give TC Roofers Dublin a call. We look forward to hearing from you.